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Decorate Candles: mixed Art

Decorative Candles in many styles

What can deliver a sense of calmness, and warmth in your rooms, next to your bed, on the dinner table, or in a bathroom?  Even more can be accomplished with our decorative candles. We have shown a range of styles on this page. For a full range of our work and prices click here to check out our decorative candle’s shopping page

white swan Candle
Praying Hands Candle
Purple rose candle
Persepolis Persian Candles

Tailormade Just For You

We Provide Decorative Candles Made In USA

This Is Our Passion

This is our passion and love to make a craft that can add  positive emotions in your house. Whether you like a cultural candle, religious candle, scary candles, or fruit candles, we can help you with all. Visit us on our Custom Page and order your custom candle. 

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